Image of LOW BROS - "Leopard" Limited Edition
  • Image of LOW BROS - "Leopard" Limited Edition
  • Image of LOW BROS - "Leopard" Limited Edition

LOW BROS - "Leopard" Limited Edition


$99.00 / On Sale

-edition of 200
-made in USA
-Printed signature and numbered
-9.875" x 31" ( 25 cm x 78.7 cm )

The Urban Art team Low Bros consists of two brothers, Qbrk and Nerd, born in Hamburg, northern Germany. They currently live and work in Berlin. When they were children the two brothers loved to draw and invented their own little stories and fantasy worlds while playing in the backyard or being in the countryside. You’ll still find both influences, the urban and natural in their work today. Later they started to paint graffiti and where also co-founders of "The Weird", which was founded together with Nychos, Cone, Hr. v. Bias, Dxtr, Rookie, Look and Vidam from Peachbeach and Frau Isa. The brothers have always painted together, but it took while before they began to create their characters together and develop their own common, geometric style. Ever since, they have gone by the name Low Bros.

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