Image of BUE THE WARRIOR - "Face" Limited Edition
  • Image of BUE THE WARRIOR - "Face" Limited Edition

BUE THE WARRIOR - "Face" Limited Edition


$200.00 / Coming Soon

**Worldwide shipping

-edition of 200
-made in USA
-Printed signature and numbered
-9.25" x 30.35" ( 23.4 cm x 76.8 cm )

After meeting two graffiti artists on the bus back in 1991 who handed him a few spray cans, Bué got so hooked on the streets, he never stopped painting. Somehow he missed out on growing up and twenty years later he still does what he loves the most: adding colour and positive energy to places that need it the most.

Bué travels around the world to find new exiting places and lets the environment influence his work. His paintings and interventions are always inspired by the direct surroundings of the wall or by the people he meets on the road.

His colourful characters – like HeyHey the Bear, who lives to greet the people – brighten up the streets all over Europe, Mexico, Brazil, the United States and even Thailand. They continue this interaction with the locals and cause smiles as long as they remain. Often these encounters are momentary, but always affectionate and much appreciated.

This genuine curiosity and love for the people results in numerous collaborations with other artists from around the world. The fun of creating something together and the exchange of thoughts are the main motives to paint pieces which are more than just a sum of artists’ works. Frequent collaborations include Chase (L.A.), Highraff (São Paulo), Remed (Lille), Jeanspezial (Paris), Low Bros (Berlin), Smithe (Mexico City).

Besides the streets Bué dedicates his designs to different creative projects such as HeyHey Apps, Toykyo Kids, Supremebeing, Lin Fashion Art Project and many independent collaborations with artists from different areas such as plush design (Felt Mistress & Piti Piti).

His recognizable style creates a playful and naive scenery that invites everyone to remember the unaffected and pure spirit we all own as a child. Bué’s work doesn’t try to teach, but it’s a smile, a wink, a high five, that wants to be returned.

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